Singer/Songwriter, Dave Tamkin, currently resides in Boulder, CO. He has created his own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic sounds that's based around a fresh musical vision. His shows vary from intimate solo acoustic performances to a full band experience (DT&CO.) encapsulating a mixture of personal lyrics and skilled songwriting set against a high-energy percussive backbone.

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Whether making music, running a groundbreaking investment firm, or designing world-class crossword puzzles, Pete Muller is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. With his fourth album, Dissolve, this fascinating polymath takes his strongest step yet, blending his jazz training with his love of classic songwriting for a set of honest, moving compositions.

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It's raw emotional connection that sets emmanuelle apart from her contemporaries. Her lyrics are brave, warm and truthful. “Feelings aren't weaknesses, they're strengths. Whether it’s happy or sad, I want to open a whole new world so I can show people that it’s okay not to be okay.” emmanuelle just graduated high school and released her debut album smoke&mirrors on April 19th, 2019.

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John Common wishes he was a filmmaker or a painter, but due to a run-in with his older brother’s record collection at an impressionable age, he ended up with an obsession for making music instead. He’s constantly writing songs…they range from raucous and snarly, to experimental and introspective, and lately, grooved, layered and darkly beautiful.