Welcome Rob Drabkin to the Tony Lucca Show @ The Walnut Room

Rob Drabkin is joining Tony Lucca at our show at the Walnut Room on Tuesday, January 19th. We thought it would be interesting to ask a lot of the same questions we asked Tony Lucca. It’s always fun to appreciate the unique similarities and differences between the musical journeys that take musicians to the same stage. 

You were one of the first musicians to ever play a Homevibe Presents Show. Can you tell us what you remember from that night?

The first one I'll never forget.  It was Mike Ligon's apartment complex in Park Hill. It was very early in my career and one of my first gigs ever!  You can tell Mike LOVED music and 99% of the crowd was there because of Mike's passion for music.  No one knew who I was, but he went out of his way to invite all of his friends, spread the word about a new artist and he filled the room.  The vibe Mike created was a music loving audience there to listen and have fun.  Homevibe has grown into big rooms since then!  When I attend Homevibe shows now, it's this fantastic balance between intimate house concert meets full production show.  Even if it's a band that throws on a full on party set that's not acoustic at all, there is that symbolic lamp on stage that puts the audience in a different space.  

Can you tell us more about your experience at the HollyShorts Film Festival?

Hollyshorts Film Festival was part vacation and a huge part inspiration.  Our music video "Stay (The Morning Light Fades)" was an official selection and it screened at the legendary Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.  We put on my fancy duds, walked the red carpet and our screening was emotionally intense for me.  When our video started my heart was literally pounding out of my chest.  It was a different set of emotions than you experience watching it on a computer screen.  It was over and our video received some very high praises!  It was a big honor.  I stayed an extra two days and watched an amazing selection of short films and met lots of film makers and pass on my music.  It was an incredible experience.  

What were some of your highlights in 2015?

Though it was only 90 seconds, singing the national anthem at Rockies game was a huge deal for me!    I've never been so nervous for any gig in my life.  We did a national radio tour visiting supporting stations throughout the country.  Headlining the bluebird theater for our annual birthday bash and headlined the fox theatre.  I feel like the band started to dial in a dynamic balanced show that felt more and more engaging for a crowd.  

Tell us about your experience with rocktheearth.org.

Marc Ross is the founder of Rock the Earth.  He had an amazing vision of using music and concerts to spread protection and conservation of the environment.  Marc knows his stuff and he knows how to make real change happen.  No one is more passionate about it than he is. 


Checkout Rob Drabkin : www.robdrabkin.com