Spend Your Valentine's Day with Ryan Montbleau

Homevibe Presents and Bolder Beat bring you Ryan Montbleau this Valentine's Day!

Ryan Montbleau returns to the Colorado to play The Riverside in Boulder, CO on Valentine's Day February 14th. This is an all ages show with some cool ticket options. Tickets come with a 3 course dinner. Couples range from $100 - $130 for the VIP Package. If you are heading out solo, tickets only cost $50 per person for the 3 course meal and show.  Find out more info and pick up tickets HERE! 

We are excited to have Ryan back for a Homevibe Presents Show. He took a little time out of his touring schedule last week and gave us some insight on how he approaches songs, videos and live shows. 

This is not your first time playing a Homevibe Presents Show. What do you look forward to most about playing Colorado?

The couch on the stage!  Wait, do I get a couch this time?  Either way...    Honestly, Colorado has been so damn good to me over the years.  I always tell people that pound for pound it's the most supportive live music scene in the country.  People just go to shows and it's heartening every time I go there and play for a full room of music-lovers.  Every time.

One of the most unique parts about your shows is how you slide in and out of different styles of music. Can you take us inside the songwriting process for you?

Thank you.  Yeah, I'm a songwriter at my core so I my life is sort of built around making songs.  It can be a slow process, some of these songs take years to write, from the time of the original idea.  Of course not all of them are that way, some come out more quickly.  But I'm constantly working at it bit by bit, line by line, song by song.  I generally get ideas for a song on the guitar or in my head while I'm driving.  And I can usually immediately hear a melody that I want to sing.  The hard part is writing the words and clearing away the debris to see what it's about.  I'm always writing in a notebook or keeping notes on my phone, keeping voice memos of ideas.  I have hundreds of voice memos that are all song ideas.  And I'm not trained in music per se, certainly not in any one area.  So I write what I hear.  And so far that has seemed to come out in various styles, because that's what I've been exposed to as a listener.

One of the many unique subtleties about your music videos is that the majority of them are you playing live. What was your favorite music video to make?

"Yeah Man."  It's an Eddie Hinton tune that I did on the For Higher record.  Spookie Daly directed it and I know Spookie from back in the day as a tremendous front man in his own right.  He put together this whole concept of a Tony Robbins-esque infomercial and it was so fun to make.  When we put it out, a few people thought it was real.  I remember one lady emailed me and said something to the effect of "I'm shocked and saddened that this is what your career has come to."  :)  So funny.  The video is so over the top it's hard to imagine anyone believing that it's real.

Feb 14th will be your last show of a pretty nice run? What do you have planned for your next tour?

After this one?  I sort of feel like it's all one endless tour, honestly, although I don't hit the road quite as hard as I used to.  Nowadays I love playing listening rooms solo-acoustic, so I'm balancing the band touring with playing solo.  It's a blessing to be able to do both and they balance me out.  As a songwriter I love to be listened to.  As a bandleader I love to physically move people.  The challenge has always been how to do both.  I'd love to keep getting better at moving bodies as well as moving hearts and minds as I go.