Tony Lucca Plays Walnut Room on Tuesday, January 19th

On January 19th, Homevibe Presents is proud to have Singer Songwriter, Mickey Mouse Club Alumni and runner up in season two of The Voice, Tony Lucca at The Walnut Room in Devner, Colorado. Currently living in Nashville, TN, Tony Lucca is a full time touring artist and has shared the stage with artists such as Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson and Sara Bareilles to name a few.

Tony’s most recent album was released this last November and is called Made to Shine. As we sit down with Tony, he lets us know how this album is a little different than his previous releases and why you should come out to the Walnut Room on January 19th.

How did you approach the recording process differently for Made to Shine? 

With Made To Shine I simply trusted in the collaborative process, start to finish. I felt confident enough about the songs to trust that bringing someone else on to produce wouldn't detract but only improve the material. Brian Fechino proved me right at every turn. I'm real proud of how this record came out. 

We’re happy to have you back at a Homevibe Presents Show. Aside from being excited to play the new tunes, how will this show be different than your last show at the Walnut Room? 

Well, I'll be playing solo for starters. the last time through I had my band with me and although that has its own advantages, I like being able to bring the room to a whisper. that says a lot about an audience, that they're willing to come out, see some live music but also go a step further and connect with one another in such an intimate way. Quiet can be really cool.

Your fans know how creative you can be with your Patreon videos. You also make some pretty unique music videos as well. What was your favorite music video to make? I really enjoyed making the video for Delilah.

What made this video shoot so different? 

We shot it in a day at various locations in Nashville with a small but creative crew, a very committed cast and a brilliant director. you really can't ask for much more than that. as well, it's far and away the coolest video I've been a part of.  

What would you like to share about the 2015 MILE trip to Guatemala and the Music is Love Exchange? 

Our trips to Guatemala have quickly become the highlight of the year for me and my wife. We started small but over the past handful of years now have managed to grow our operation into a group of roughly 30 people, heading down to Guatemala to dig in and roll our sleeves up, lending a hand to some of the less fortunate, indigenous people there. The work is meaningful, both physically and spiritually. We've seen some pretty amazing transformations take place on these trips. 

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